Welcome to the Rolling Sky of my own WikiEdit

This is my own official Rolling Sky wikia, there is currently 10 levels and more to come. Every release of the level is the time that I made a new page. Enjoy!

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Latest activityEdit

  • edit Rolling Sky of my own Wiki
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • edit Level 7
    edited by HungPham123 diff
  • edit Level 8
    edited by HungPham123 diff
  • new page Level 8
    created by HungPham123
    New page: This level got influenced by the famous game Tetris and Tetris blocks are the most common obstacles in this level. Background order: Blue forest,...
  • new page Level 7
    created by HungPham123
    New page: This Rolling Sky level had changed some props of backgrounds a new obstacle. Background order: Lighten massif, lighten neon, green neon, lighten...
  • new page Level 6
    created by HungPham123
    New page: This is one of the most interesting levels of Rolling Sky that the theme of this level is something like Hollywood. Background order: black and white...
  • new page Level 5
    created by HungPham123
    New page: This is the only level of Rolling Sky that stayed in one background throughout the level. Background order: inferno
  • new page Level 4
    created by HungPham123
    New page: This level of Rolling Sky features the desert theme with cacti transforming into trees. background order: Sky, desert, cosmos, neon, sky
  • new page Level 3
    created by HungPham123
    New page: The third level of Rolling Sky consists of 5 themes, it starts with the forest background and ends with the inferno background. Background order:...
  • edit Level 2
    edited by HungPham123 diff

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